Welcome to Punjabi Foodie.  Food is the one thing we are connected to, even before we are born. Hellen Keller rightly said, that some things in life can’t be heard, seen, touched, they can only be felt with heart. Some particular food does that to you.

‘Punjabi Foodie’ is a food blog mostly covering ludhiana. Ludhiana has introduced me to many legendary food  like, Mah Dal and Latcha Parantha, Pseudo Chinese Fast Food, Channa Bhatura, Palak Paneer and lots more. My weight-time graph has also followed a sine curve owing to the generous amount of butter, ghee and cream loaded delicious eats. This blog is like a giveback for what this city has introduced me to.

The influences and inspiration for my blog are, Kalyan Karmakar, Ajoy Joshi and Hemanshu Kumar.

Most of the jaw-dropping images in the blog are by Ashish Behl. He knows his camera and is excellent at his work, starves for credit though. I am lucky to have someone who shares the passion of food.

The foodie in you, may pop up any time, let it be. Never let the negative things like dieting come in your way.

Spread the food love. Drop a line in the comment box, so we can trace your presence.

Stay Hungry. Stay Hungy. Ever.

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